Cheryl Lauer(non-registered)
I have seen you on and off at Charlack Pub taking pictures but i've never seen the finished product before!!! But yyou take some great photos.
Keep up the good imaging amigo; we need to get together again and shoot sometime again.
Michael W Williams(non-registered)
Dave you are amazing with the lens. Your work has inspired my passion in photography. Keep kicking ass brother, Simply Amazing work.
Deb Behan(non-registered)
awesome job Demon Dave! Love you and hope your business ROCKS as much as your photos! can't wait for your birthday bash in Key West - we will be there!!!
Teresa aka MissTree(non-registered)
Awesome shots Dave! Great work!
Linda Reno(non-registered)
Absolutely perfect photos Dave! I've always known you were a great photographer. You have grown so much from those early family portraits to know that its incredible. Some day soon you will be nationally known and I can stand back and say, "Thats my little brother who I dropped on his head when he was only a few weeks old!" I am so extremely proud of you.
jenny menley(non-registered)
Beautiful photo's, Dave!:) You strongly know how to capture the moment with your artistic creative eye and beautiful work!:) I will be telling everyone about your gorgeous photo's and work:) Best Wishes to you always dear friend!:)
Scott Lesinski(non-registered)
From the fiddler in the Well Hungarians. Very nice pictures!
Dean "Tino" Parkerson(non-registered)
as a longtime stagehand / tour/ production manager/Rib America production lead also crew chief for Well hungarians.. and Outrageous talent i have had MANY photographers shoot the well hungarians and the Rib America series .. but Dave you nail it each and every time I never feel aphrehensive about calling you to come out and shoot an event.. your a pro in every aspect of what you do... anyone needing a reference for Dave i can be reached @ [email protected]
See ya on the next show Dave
Sherry Sensabaugh(non-registered)
Beautiful!! Awesome pics, Dave!! You are Rock'n!! ;)~
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